Erin Myers- Spiral Spine

Founder of Spiral Spine, certified Pilates instructor

Erin Myers is a Pilates and fitness professional who has dedicated her career to the creation of Spiral Spine, a series of resources designed to inspire, inform and ignite the scoliosis community.  Diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager, she was told by her physician to ‘watch and wait,’ while she continued dancing at an elite level. When she was 21 years old, Erin went on tour with the Radio City Rockettes but soon began suffering debilitating knee and back pain.  
Thankfully, her world changed forever when an instructor challenged her to try Pilates.  She quickly noticed that the muscles around her knees began to strengthen in ways that had never been possible before, and her back responded just as favorably.  In fact, she was pain-free!  Intrigued, Erin began obsessively researching the affects of movement on the scoliotic back. 
Research proved surprisingly hard to come by, but over time, Erin gathered a substantial amount of information and began to see firsthand how individual bodies responded to specialized movement and massage. And the physical and emotional relief that movement provided was undeniable. She was driven to begin spreading the word, by embracing her own beautiful scoliotic back.  
Moving from NYC to Nashville, Erin established a successful Pilates studio and became known for her personalized work with scoliosis clients. After a mere four years of ownership, she sold her Pilates studio for six-times its earnings, and now consults and teaches on a private basis, in addition to overseeing Spiral Spine. 
Trained in Pilates at the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC, Erin is certified in the GYROTONIC® Method, holds certifications by the American Council on Exercise and the Pilates Method Alliance, and is a teaching faculty member of Balanced Body. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Managerial Entrepreneurship from Pace University in NYC (Cum Laude). 
Erin also works periodically with Centric Health Resources creating fitness programs for extremely rare genetic diseases for their patient wellness program. She continues to teach Pilates teacher training and Pilates continuing education.
Erin lives in Brentwood, TN, with her husband, Aaron, and their two sons, Levi and Asher.  Her goal is simply to inspire others affected by scoliosis by sharing her own journey, encouraging them to take charge of their own physical and emotional health.