Angie Harmon x Red Earth

Ethical Lifestyle Brand

Red Earth, whose name was inspired from the red dirt roads and footpaths of rural Uganda, is an ethical lifestyle brand offering quality jewelry, skillfully crafted abroad that cultivates hope and opportunity through commerce. All profits go to support the life-changing work of Know Think Act ( and their work through local leaders in Uganda and Kenya.

The designers work directly with talented artisans from around the world to handcraft all of their products, many of which are made from upcycled materials. Each piece is a unique blend of local artistry and heritage mixed with the influence of modern design. Its relationship with its artisans goes beyond just design and creation of a great product, they also work to help them better organize and manage their businesses to be optimized for growth.

These small companies are a vital part of lifting families out of poverty and Red Earth is committed to seeing them succeed. They make it a priority to pay their artisans a fair price up front for their work and also provide them interest free loans that can be paid back over time through purchase orders. This has meant new roofs on houses, new equipment for the workshop and other impactful investments that would have been out of reach.

Whether it's hand-cast brass necklaces, dynamic earrings, bone bangles, or leather belts and clutches, the Red Earth women's and men's fashion line is 100% handmade, 100% direct trade, and 100% life changing.