Advocating Brands & Individuals

YOUR business is OUR business. We are deeply committed to our clients and believe in creating true partnerships that enable us to move your mission forward. NPG advocates brands and individuals with passion and integrity, always remembering that we serve as front line ambassadors for your organization. Our clients recognize the importance of a strong public relations team - a team that "gets it" and is integrated into the overall project from the start.

NPG PR has a wealth of experience in entertainment, consumer, event and corporate PR. We excel at creating and executing overall PR strategies, in addition to content-specific publicity. Based in Nashville and Los Angeles, we have exceptional and long-standing relationships with media, industry and talent and we know how to engage them all. We're relentless in generating new ideas and delivering outstanding, meaningful results.

We take pride in doing good and giving back - to the community, to those in need and to our audiences. By serving on philanthropic committees, volunteering our time for a cause and creating strategic partnerships with brands that share our values, we continue to grow our own business based on best practices and ethical behavior.

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